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We offer an unique, holistic approach to addressing your business concerns that includes an assessment of your needs and diagnosis of any potential problems, as well as top-notch training and process improvement services that will help you lift your business Up even in times when you are considering or must scale down!

Achieve success!

Business owners often struggle with focusing on their core business and insuring their booking, marketing and operational processes are functioning at maximum efficiency and effectiveness. We provide coaching, training, and process improvement services to make sure that your small business remains an asset instead of becoming a liability in your life.

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As a service provider we know the importance and value in pairing subject matter experts to address your specific concerns. Regardless of your need we're qualified to solve your problem allowing you to focus on your core business in order to make your vision of success a reality. Whether it's through coaching, training, or process improvement we're here to help.

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Up Empowerment is a professional services company that provides entrepreneurs with the support and know-how needed to succeed. We take a holistic approach to our clients by understanding their day-to-day operations and challenges. By doing this, we're able to provide solutions tailored to their specific needs.

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Why Choose Us?

Process improvements in bookkeeping as well as training across other operational functions can take your business to the next level. Get started with your consultation with an experienced professional who take a practical approach that is in align with your business and industry. We provide support and training to remedy knowledge gaps and operational inefficiencies through long-term relationships that give you assurance that you're not alone on your journey to success. Our customer success team is always available to answer questions, solve problems, and provide feedback.

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Customers reviews

As a business owner my top priority was to work with someone who understood what I needed in my salon business. More importantly I wanted to work with someone I could trust. My business has continued to grow and knowing I could call on Faye Watson every step of the way has been a blessing.
Kim Ross
Faye Watson worked with Beacon Windows and Doors for over a year. Her seamless approach to getting our company organized, working with QuickBooks and mapping out onsite and remote processes to run our company more efficiently and effectively exceeded my expectations. If I have a questions I call Faye, If I have an idea, I call Faye. She's a pleasure to work with.
Lizette Laforge
Terrell Nixon